Everyone is welcome!!

Prosperity Health African Duathlon Championships
17 October 2021

Come and test your speed against the top Duathletes in Africa, or simply just come for fun.
You have a chance to be crowned the African Duathlon Champion in your age group. in both the Sprint and the Olympic Distance.


Olympic Distance (10km run/40km bike/5km run)
Age Groups 20+ and Elites
(Age groups will be in increments of 5 years)

Sprint Distance(5km run/20km bike/2.5km run)
Junior 16-19
Age groups 20+ (No Elites)
(Age groups will be in increments of 5 years)

Super Sprint: (2.5km run/10kmbike/1.25km run)
12-15 and Under 12

Team event : Sprint Distance (2 people 1 runner, one cyclists), you can take part in one of the individual races and the team event


Transition – In front of the FNB Building in Independence Avenue

Prize Money

Total Prize money 3 000 USD (Elites Only)

1st Male – USD 750

2nd Male USD 450

3rd Male USD 300

1st Female USD 750

2nd Female USD 450

3rd Female USD 300

Entry fees

Super Sprint – N$ 350
Age Group Championship – Sprint Distance – N$ 450
Age Group Championship – Olympic Distance – N$ 650
Elite Championship – Olympic Distance – N$ 750
Teams – N$ 450

You can pay via Paytoday 
or EFT
Namibian Triathlon Federation
Account 62242025345
Branch – Maerua Mall – 282273

ALL TIMES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE – Time changes will be communicated to entrants and Federations

Saturday 16 October 2021
11:30 Athlete Registration and Race Pack collection for all athletes, venue details to follow.
13:00 Media Conference and interviews of Elite athletes – Venue details to follow

15:00 Course Familiarisation – please note:
No road closure
Transition will not be completed

Sunday 17 October 2021 –

Age Group 12-15 Super Sprint Open (Draft Legal)
06:20 –Transition open
06:50 Start Male
06:55 Start Female
07:00 Fun event and Relay (12 – 15 age)

Age Group 16-19 Sprint Juniors Championships
(Draft Legal) 07:10 Transition open
07:50 Start Male
07:55 Start Female

Age Group 20 + Championships Sprint (Draft Legal)
08:30 Transition open
09:10 Start Male
09:15 Start Female

Standard Senior Age Group (20+) Championships (Draft Legal)
09:40 Transition open
10:30 Start Male
10:40 Start Female

Standard Elite (including U/23) Championships (Draft Legal) 12:30 Athlete’s Lounge open
12:45 Transition open
13:20 Elite introduction
13:30 Start Male
13:40 Start Female

Open Teams Non-Championship (Non-Draft)
15:00 Transition open
15:40 Teams introduction
16:00 Start

Medal presentation and prize giving
09:15——12-15 Super Sprint
09:40——-Juniors Sprint Championships
12:00——-Sprint Open
15:15——-Age Group Championships
16:00——-Elite (incl U/23) Championships

Some rules… Draft Legal race

See World Triathlon competition rules https://triathlon.org/about/downloads/category/competition_rules

But what does this mean?
For the Elite race
1. No TT bikes will be allowed
2. Only traditional drop handlebars will be allowed, the handlebars must be plugged.
3. Clip-ons must have solid factory bridge or be touching each other (using any kind of tape to bridge your clip-ons will not be allowed)
4. Clip-ons, including the bridge may not exceed the foremost line of the brake levers.
5. Water bottles and brake levers may not be attached the the clip on bars.

For age group races
1. No TT bikes will be allowed.
2. Only traditional drop handlebars will be allowed, the handlebars must be plugged.
3. no form of clip-on bars are allowed.

Other general Rules
1. You may not run with a bare torso (you may not unzip your tri suit at the front)
2. Your helmet must be on at any point in time that you are touching your bike.(this includes transition)