The Namibian Triathlon Federation


We aim to attract as many athletes to our events.

Not only triathlon enthusiast, but Swimmers, Cyclists and Runners all-alike. 

We showcase our sport and create awareness of the array of multi-sport practiced in our beautiful country.

Our objective is to function as the National Federation for triathlon, duathlon, aquathlon and related other multi-sports in Namibia, and to develop, grow and represent Namibia on a continental and international level.

“Those who try the impossible are the ones who achieve the incredible.”

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Age Groupers

any Engage in three sports with just one athlete!

Why limit yourself to one sport when you can participate in three simultaneously? The triathlon is a thrilling multi-disciplinary sport that entails a continuous race covering various distances in swimming, transitioning to biking, and concluding with a run to the finish line.

Triathlon welcomes participants of all ages, genders, and skill levels. Whether you’re a novice or a lifelong competitor, there’s no sport quite like triathlon!

Status of Competition

Triathletes fall into two distinct categories:

  1.  Elite: These are professional triathletes who participate in international-level competitions.
  2.  Age-Group: Non-professional triathletes who are categorized based on age. The Age-Group system enables competitors to race against others within the same age group (within a ten-year range) and gender. Competing as an Age-Grouper also grants you the title of World Triathlete.

Want to compete outside of Namibia?

Please consider the following links for age group races outside of Namibia

World Triathlon – 
Iron Man –
Xterra –

Remember that competing outside of Namibia requires membership with our federation, this can include you not having to pay for day license fees at iron man and world triathlon events.

We also have an obligation to inform the Namibian Sports commission of any age group participation outside of Namibia.

If you are intending to do any event outside of Namibia, please email your passport number and full names and event to

Real Work. Real Results.

Our own professionals!

World Triathlon Namibian Coaches


International Triathlon Union Level 2 Coaches

Adele de la Rey : +264 81 246 2204 | 

Wynand Dreyer : +264 81 122 4234 |


International Triathlon Union Level 1 Coaches

 MD Greling         : +264 81 803 8898  |


Ironman University accredited coaches

Michiel Greef         : +264 81 259 9532  |


Other Coaches

Just Tri – Cheryl Young : +264 81 478 5516 

T-Rex Training – Charmaine Shannon : 

+264 81 246 2767 |


World Triathlon Technical Officials

Michel Greef | Pieter de la Rey | Ulrich  Mackensen | Tanya Mackensen  | Adiele Oosthuizen | Cheryl Young

Why Training

Training TIPS

Training sessions may seem second nature, but only a few training sessions are insightful, meaningful and effective. Let’s begin!


Whether swimming is your new passion or a necessity for your triathlon addiction, these tips will help you when training and racing in the water.


Sometimes it’s the little things. Here are the tips runners swear by to push through long runs and weeks of race training


Top riders share their cycling training tips and advice. Let’s see what it takes for you to become a true cyclist.

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